What our clients say about us

what our client say about us

 “I have received excellent information, advice and guidance to help me achieve my goals.”

“Birmingham Rathbone is very helpful and gives me good support.”

“The staff are very supportive and caring.  They are good at their jobs.”

“I am really happy with the support I’m getting.  I like all the social events and meetings.  They listen to my ideas.  I want to stay with Birmingham Rathbone as long as possible.”

“Getting support from Birmingham Rathbone has changed my life since leaving school.  I have got more confident and enjoy meeting new people.”

“I had the opportunity to decide on the care I wanted and when and how it was delivered.”

“Birmingham Rathbone are good because they help me to feel happy and safe.”

“Before I was supported by Birmingham Rathbone I was homeless.  They helped me find a place to live and supported me to pay my rent and other bills.  I now live in shared accommodation and have voluntary work in a charity shop to build up my confidence and skills.”